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Corporate Training & Workshops


Sustainable Grain is pleased to offer an opportunity for agriculture businesses and stakeholder organizations to learn the trends and future growth potential of regenerative and organic farming on the Canadian Prairies.

Over the past three years since exiting FarmLink Marketing Solutions, Brenda Tjaden has created a knowledge base, skill set and a network of collaborators focused on building soil health to produce more nutritious food crops. Together with expert farmers, leaders in food systems improvement, climate change and soil health, Brenda now leads organizations in learning to reposition to change.


A Sustainable Grain workshop can help your executive and management team start building long-term ADAPTIVE strategies.

Sustainable Grain provides complex and elegant insights and adaptation strategies for farmland management that leverages more nature, and fewer chemical inputs, to achieve optimal revenues and returns. This allows soils to regain their natural ability to retain and infiltrate moisture, sequester carbon, and to grow healthy food crops, which is pleasing to farmers, consumers and government alike.

The regenerative/organic agriculture community is working hard to reduce input expenses on commercial farms, while achieving parallel revenues, and much-improved, fully sustainable profitability. We are showcasing leading research and modern farmers’ environmental stewardship methods, and inspiring a movement towards soil health that also offers excellent economic gains for all involved.

Markets, governments and most importantly our youth, are demanding change in food production, and for the companies who serve farmers, to accommodate the needs of the planet and all its species, as they do business.


  • Information and knowledge about organic consumer trends

  • Acreage gains and farm uptake in the regenerative agriculture movement

  • Solutions to address issues arising with pesticide residues in food grain shipments

  • Ideas to support farmers’ environmental pursuits around biodiversity, soil health, carbon sequestration, pollinator and avian (bees and birds) support, etc.


We are currently booking lunch & learns, 1/2 day and full day workshops.

contact brenda for pricing and availability:

Brenda Tjaden, Founder + CEO