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Services Overview

At Sustainable Grain, we help farmers, processors, food companies, and other stakeholders optimize their investment in the rapidly expanding markets for regenerative / organic food crop value chains. We assist with industry expertise, research, analysis, resource networking and professional advice to grow new business.



We all know that farming and food systems have played a role in climate change — but they can be the solution, too. Reshaping and modernizing food production, financial models, and distribution systems offers the potential for regenerative and organic agriculture to become a powerful positive influence on the natural environment. The goal of Sustainable Grain is to support innovative solutions to this end. We are pleased to launch the inaugural Canadian Summit on Climate Action in Food Systems, where farmers, food companies, and agronomy experts will gather in Kelowna, BC to support advancement in regenerative organic agriculture.


intercropping, soil-building & regenerative ag educational video series

Sustainable Grain has created educational videos outlining the macro and microeconomic considerations for modern, consumer and nature-guided farms. These lectures offer a financial overview of what’s involved in changing from monocrop, yield-motivated farming towards intercropping, soil-building and fully regenerative organic food grain production.



Sustainable Grain has deep and broad industry know-how, current research, expertise and tactical knowledge to guide agriculture through the challenges and changes ahead. Please contact us to book a mindful strategic session for your organization to learn what’s causing systemic market and agronomic failures, and to navigate a successful path forward.

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Crop Budgets

  1. Together with the farm, Sustainable Grain will forecast projected costs, yields and prices and revenues in a regenerative organic system.

  2. Records will be shared electronically allowing updating and sensitivity analysis amongst the farm’s management team and advisors.

  3. Projections can be made up to 5 years’ out and include multi-year ROI’s on regenerative / organic crop inputs.

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Strategic Land Management

Sustainable Grain will provide full-service transition planning and management support, including:

  1. Managing the application process with the certification agency

  2. Developing an enhanced system for record-keeping and audit preparation to facilitate maintaining certified organic status efficiently

  3. Analyzing field records — historic crop rotation, soil test results, etc. — and obtaining agronomic expertise and advice on regenerative / organic crop planning.

  4. Budgeting variable and fixed costs through transition and into the first several years of certified organic production, for each field

  5. Forecasting cash flow requirements in the transition and presenting various options for financing if required

  6. Co-ordination of service providers in areas such as soil testing, custom work, quality testing, logistics and training.



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