Better for the planet.

sustainable event management

Sustainable Grain is committed to creating a low waste event with sustainable event management standards. Each of the SDGs have been thought of and here is our method to include them:

carbon footprint

The Summit planning efforts focus on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the event as much as possible. The event’s carbon footprint will be calculated to measure all event-related emissions that are unavoidable, and verified carbon offset projects will be supported to fully compensate for those emissions.


The Delta Grand Okanagan is participating in Marriot’s “Make a Green Choice” program which demonstrates their commitment to divert waste from landfills, conserve energy and water, and establish environmental leadership across their operations.

Make a Green Choice is an option for guests when they check into the hotel for more than 2 consecutive nights they will be able to opt into the program and forgo housekeeping services. In return, Marriott Hotels will plant a tree with our partner Wearth or they can receive 250 Marriott Rewards points.

For Make a Green Choice in meeting rooms, there are linen-less tables where possible. No paper or pens are provided in the meeting rooms. To-go lunches will be in recycled/compostable material including Potato Cutlery that is completely compostable.  Water is in reusable glass jugs on the tables with water glasses. Recycling, garbage and compost bins are in the meeting room.

waste minimization and recovery

A comprehensive waste minimization and diversion plan will be implemented for the Summit with a goal of diverting 85 percent of event-related waste from the landfill.

This plan includes a comprehensive food recovery, donation, recycling and composting program with the assistance of the recycling team:

Additional resources include:


  • FOOD RECOVERY • Donating to local non-profits


We are so excited to announce our Green Team will be Green Okanagan. They will offer support and volunteer oversight of our Waste Minimization efforts at the Summit.


Sustainable sourcing (including the reduction or reuse of materials) is prioritized throughout all production efforts. It is absolutely required that any handouts are kept to the exact minimum of tradeshow attendees. Materials will be measured, tracked, and reused or donated to community organizations and schools at the conclusion of the event.


The Summit menu will feature Okanagan-grown, farm-fresh meals. The climate-friendly menus will be designed to feature 75 percent of ingredients sourced from within a 200- mile radius.

For meeting rooms, we will use linen less tables where possible. All meals will be served on reusable dishware, and no single-use disposable packaging will be offered. To-go lunches will be in recycled/compostable material including Potato Cutlery that is completely compostable.  Water will be in reusable glass jugs on the tables with water glasses. Recycling, garbage and compost bins will be in the meeting room.

Through an active food recovery effort, any excess meals will be donated to local nonprofit organizations.


As the international gateway to the Summit, the Kelowna International Airport (YLW) will welcome all attendees. YLW is committed to environmental initiatives. Current projects include: Parking Lot Incandescent Lighting Upgrades, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products, RNP Flight Paths, Aviation Noise Concerns. You can read more about YLW’s environmental policy’s here.

The main conference venue, Delta Okanagan Grand, is located in walking distance to downtown. For Sunday’s welcome reception and Monday’s community event, Sustainable Grain will implement a shuttle, cutting down on individual cars.


The profits from this summit go directly back into education across Canada on the wide variety of topics: soil health, environmental stewardship, business profitability, block chain technology, and, but certainly not limited to, mindfulness.

These events provide an important opportunity to create additional arenas for exploring climate challenges and solutions that affect all Canadians.

The opening reception on Sunday night is a community builder, along with the Monday networking event.

Ultimately, this summit will create a movement, build a supportive community of regenerative agriculture enthusiasts, and will unite farmers with resources to make any changes required.

Standards from the
Global Action Climate Summit inspired the above.


  • Anyone interested or involved in food production

  • Policymakers

  • Innovators and entrepreneurs

  • Farmers, golf courses, land owners interested in spraying less chemicals

  • Soil health advocates + activists

  • Conscious food consumers


  • Opening Reception (Complimentary Wine Tasting/Farm Tour at Summerhill Organic Wine): Sunday 4 - 9 p.m.

  • Monday / Tuesday workshops
    8 a.m - 5 p.m.

  • Monday: Community Building event at Upside Cider 6 - 9 p.m.

  • Tuesday: Gala Dinner by Celebrity Chef 7 - 10 p.m.

For sponsorship or media inquiries, please contact:

Brenda Tjaden, Founder + CEO

For hotel rooms:

Please book with the Delta Grand Okanagan
under the special rate for
“The First Canadian Summit on Climate Action in Food Systems”

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