Better for the planet.


(Recorded February 2019 at the ‘Agroecology and Economics of Organics’ event in Winnipeg)

Agridigital talks about Food Systems Tech | EMMA WESTON

How does supply chain work from the producer to the consumer end? Emma was just in a food systems technology accelerator in San Fransisco.

VIDEO: Regenerative agriculture and the importance of interrelationships in soils | Joel Williams

At a recent event held last month in Winnipeg, soil health educator Joel Williams of Integrated Soils discussed a wide variety of topics relating to soil biology and what farmers can do to build more diversity into their crop systems, the benefits of intercropping, the growing interest in regenerative agriculture and the importance of interrelationships in soils.

ALSO, A Podcast Interview with Joel on Craft Beer + Crop Science >>

feel your way to freedom | tamara mclellan

Tamara discusses two kinds of liberty, positive + negative, and five ways to feel your way to freedom today, despite external circumstances. She suggests the idea that our collective freedom is linked and only can be made possible when we are all free.

Climate Change: We Can Eat Our Way Out of This Mess! | Gillian Flies

In this inspiring talk, Gillian Flies will change your view on carbon and climate change, and open your eyes to what we are doing wrong, and how we can fix it when it comes to farming.

The World needs LESS Food. | Brent Preston

The big corporations that dominate our agricultural system say that farming on an industrial scale is necessary to prevent mass starvation. But is chemical-intensive, mono-crop agriculture really the best way to feed the world? Organic farmer Brent Preston weaves personal experience and compelling analysis of our global food system to argue that overproduction of food is at the root of many of the world’s biggest problems.