Better for the planet.


Sustainable Grain is hosting the inaugural First Canadian Summit on Climate Action in Food Systems to showcase and further explore the vital link between soil health, human wellness and climate change. Proceeds from the Kelowna Summit will be reinvested into developing online learning tools and regional workshops to educate and support landowners to implement new nature-based, regenerative food production practices.


Our Vision

To shift the spotlight of the Canadian government, public and media from the problems of modern agriculture, to the potential for regenerative organic farming and food systems; to inform food consumers; and to link sector expertise into new value chains that support change.

Our Mission

To elevate awareness of the positive environmental contributions being made by organic and regenerative farms, by acknowledging the problems within traditional agriculture, and to create a foundation for all stakeholders to find solutions and strategies for change.




Brenda Tjaden head shot 2.jpg

Brenda Tjaden, Founder and CEO

Brenda Tjaden has a long history helping western Canadian farms respond to emerging profit opportunities in growing and marketing their crops. In the process of founding Sustainable Grain, Brenda spent the past 3 years researching sustainability protocols and the organic value chain, their opportunities and vulnerabilities. She also pursued an education in soil health and regenerative agriculture and continues to build out her network in this field.

Previously, Brenda worked as a professional grain marketing and policy analyst, educator and farm management expert. Brenda has always been an active volunteer in her local community, a nature enthusiast and a keen follower of global economic trends. Brenda is dedicating the next chapter of her career to the positive stories in farming, reuniting commercial agriculture with environmental consciousness, and helping to create a safe, nutritious supply of food for all.



Tamara McLellan, Summit Co-Host

Tamara has been falling in love with causes and companies since 2005. And if you give her anytime at all, she'll tell you about "the moment her life changed" in Ottawa when she saw John Wood (author of Leaving Microsoft to Change the World) speak at a conference. Since that moment she has volunteered in Africa, India and Central America. She c0-leads a charity called Her International to empower women and girls in Nepal, is working diligently on bringing the Summit to her current home city of Kelowna, and spends every spare minute outside in nature.

She spent the early years of her career learning about marketing and communications in a wide variety of businesses and became the Vice President of a small marketing agency at 23. After volunteering in the bankenvelds of Africa, a slum in India, and the fields of El Salvador, she realized a true passion for humanity and is on a mission to use her storytelling skills for good. With over 360 hours of training in mindfulness practices, she thinks the long term environmental movement is helping others to see themselves in nature and to work with the earth to create a world that has enough for all of us.

Tamara has joined forces with Brenda to protect our countries land by supporting the regenerative agriculture movement.